Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to visit

Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to visit and I am glad we had Himanthi looking after us on this trip who knew how to best get around the country at the time of year we were visiting. We had a private driver/guide the whole way. It really is the easiest way to get around the island and you would not want to drive yourself over there. Our guide was an absolute gent and very flexible with the itinerary. I loved the time we stopped at the side of the road at a tiny little shop to have some hand made rottis or when we stopped to buy some fresh fruit. I noticed our guide giving tips to people that we forgot to which was very considerate. We made sure to give him extra on top of his tip at the end to cover this. I hope it was enough. I should have listened to Himanthi from the start about the stick fishermen but I really wanted to see them as it’s such an iconic image of Sri Lanka. Himanthi changed our whole itinerary around to fit this half day trip in for me and in the end our guide convinced me that it wouldn’t be worth the long journey out to see them as they’re not even fishing. Instead we checked into our hotel earlier and relaxed by the pool and I am glad we did this instead. All the hotels selected were very nice. Our itinerary was packed with different excursions like safari drive, boat ride through the lily pads, spice garden, tea plantation, turtle sanctuary etc. All the historic sites were so amazing to visit especially with our guide. The wild elephants are just magnificent and the safari drive was one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences. We really did have such a wonderful time and it will be one of the more special holidays that we will always talk about. Thank you Himanthi!

K.Kennedy and O.Kennedy

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